Struggling During a Match? 3 Tips to Turbocharge Your Session

We have all been there – show up to a drop in or your regular game and you don’t bring your “A” stuff. Pickleball isn’t a game like basketball if your shot isn’t falling you can just play a little harder on the defensive end. Playing harder and pressing could lead to a less thanContinue reading Struggling During a Match? 3 Tips to Turbocharge Your Session

5 Lessons I Learned from Watching Myself Play

We have talked about using video to review your own game at the DinkTank. Some of the consistent things we think we are doing better than we do. Keep your paddle up Move your feet Play easier shots to reduce unforced errors It is boring advice but it holds consistent for my game and franklyContinue reading “5 Lessons I Learned from Watching Myself Play”

3 Skills to Improve if You’re Stuck at 4.0

Summer is coming. That would have been a much more enjoyable Game of Thrones plot. It definitely is something to look forward to when it comes to pickleball. The chance to get in more sessions (without paying for court time) and to improve the game.  General Statements about My Game:Strong ForehandStrong DefenderAbove Average AthleticismAbove AverageContinue reading “3 Skills to Improve if You’re Stuck at 4.0”

3 Ways to Neutralize a Banger

We all consider ourselves pickleball purists – 3rd shot drops, dinkathons, speed ups and eloquent winners. However, the pace of play can at times be dictated by the lowest common denominator. The dreaded bangers. Banger [bang-er]NounA person that only drives the ball, a neanderthalHey DinkTankNorm – man that guy is a banger, all he doesContinue reading “3 Ways to Neutralize a Banger”

5 Reasons The Two Handed Backhand Has Helped My Game

Have you ever seen a player run around every backhand to make sure they hit a forehand? Do you play with someone that hits weak defensive backhands that are effectively weak pop ups or fly to deep because of poor paddle control?  Well I have been both of those players – sometimes just trading offContinue reading “5 Reasons The Two Handed Backhand Has Helped My Game”

Key to Victory: PPA Men’s Doubles Semi-Finals

Not to overstate the obvious – but hit more winners and make fewer errors. It is a simple formula really but we like to use numbers to capture the performances on the court. Dink Tank broke down the men’s doubles semi-finals matches. Newman/Wright 2 games vs. Koller/Wilson 1 game Johns/Johns 2 games vs. Smith/Cassidy 0Continue reading “Key to Victory: PPA Men’s Doubles Semi-Finals”

3 Reasons You Keep Popping It Up

Trust me, I’ve been on the receiving end of targeting in pickleball when playing with higher-level players. They may not think they are targeting, but their natural instinct is to find the weaker player and force them into tough situations. One of the toughest situations I find myself in is when I am consistently poppingContinue reading “3 Reasons You Keep Popping It Up”

Tips for An Aggressive Serve

I’ve recently started watching more professional pickleball. I typically tend to watch more doubles than any other format, but yesterday I watched quite a bit of singles at the PPA Riverland Pickleball Open. As a doubles fan, I noticed that serves are typically conservative, which is atypical of my personal pickleball game. However, I didContinue reading “Tips for An Aggressive Serve”

4 Tips for Hitting Overheads

As a newcomer to Pickleball, one of the biggest things I struggled with was defending the lob and hitting overheads. At first, I thought these types of shots would be very easy to hit and return to the opposing team, but that was not the case at all. I would often send the pickleball soaringContinue reading “4 Tips for Hitting Overheads”