4 Tips for Hitting Overheads

As a newcomer to Pickleball, one of the biggest things I struggled with was defending the lob and hitting overheads. At first, I thought these types of shots would be very easy to hit and return to the opposing team, but that was not the case at all. I would often send the pickleball soaringContinue reading “4 Tips for Hitting Overheads”

Ben Johns Loses First Set & Hat

Ben Johns was in unfamiliar form in the first set of his Mixed Doubles match where he was paired with Anna Leigh Waters as he took on Tyle Loong and Leigh Waters. Johns/Waters lost the first set 11-9, as they battled back to make it a close game. Johns had numerous unforced errors in theContinue reading “Ben Johns Loses First Set & Hat”

3 Takeaway Tips from the Foot Solutions Arizona Grand Slam

As a new follower of professional pickleball, I have not watched a ton of live match play at that level. I would typically consume highlights and clips from social media to see the jaw-dropping points of the weekend. But this weekend, I watched a good amount of the Foot Solutions Arizona Grand Slam. It wasContinue reading “3 Takeaway Tips from the Foot Solutions Arizona Grand Slam”

Comparing Pickleball Pros to NFL QB’s

As an avid sports fan, I love when it is time for the NFL & NBA Drafts. Everyone posts their mock drafts trying to predict who will draft who, and which players will fall where. But my favorite part of mock drafts is the comparisons. Paolo Banchero compares to Carmelo Anthony, Kayvon Thibodeaux compares toContinue reading “Comparing Pickleball Pros to NFL QB’s”

Pickleball: Making Elite Athletes Look Unathletic

I was so frustrated with Pickleball when I first started playing. As a former college athlete, Pickleball made me feel unathletic! Now I never played any sort of racket sport growing, I stuck to the more traditional sports like Football, Baseball, & Basketball. So when I first took the Pickleball court I thought I couldContinue reading “Pickleball: Making Elite Athletes Look Unathletic”