No More Spin Serve. What’s Next?

News circulated recently that the USA Pickleball committee has passed the rule that would eliminate the spin serve in pickleball starting in 2023. To my understanding, the rule change would still need to be approved by the USA Pickleball board. While the board has voted against rules passed by the committee in the past, theyContinue reading “No More Spin Serve. What’s Next?”

Dink Tank’s DAWG of the Week – 9/19/22

Got That DAWG In Him is a catchphrase meant to describe a person, usually an athlete, who is mentally tough and able to perform in important situations. With that being said, let’s get to this week’s nominations for Dink Tank’s DAWG of the Week. Anna Leigh Waters @dinktanknorm was quick to mention AL Waters as his DAWG ofContinue reading “Dink Tank’s DAWG of the Week – 9/19/22”

One Mistake You Make Dinking That Needs to Stop Now

I have learned to love dinking in pickleball. It’s something that seems so easy, but dinking requires the most touch, feel, and patience. Dinking is also the most consistent part of pickleball that you need to continuously work on and tweak. When you feel like you have mastered dinking, think again. In a dink battleContinue reading “One Mistake You Make Dinking That Needs to Stop Now”

Big Z Featured on Pickleball Fire Podcast

Check out one of the latest Pickleball Fire Podcast episodes where I was interviewed by host, Lynn Cherry. We discuss my career is the Sports Technology space and how Vizual Edge can help elevate your Pickleball performance with different tracking and visual processing exercises. Also discussed how we took a hoppy I’ve never heard ofContinue reading “Big Z Featured on Pickleball Fire Podcast”

3 Ways to Enhance Your Pickleball Paddle like a Pro

If you’re here, you’ve joined the millions of us around the world who love the sport of pickleball. Like others, I started off by purchasing a low cost paddle set so that I could play with friends. After fully committing to pickleball, I decided to upgrade to a more expensive paddle. I really like myContinue reading “3 Ways to Enhance Your Pickleball Paddle like a Pro”

Pistol Pete Pistol Whipped in Pickleball

Shout-out to Eric Abraham (30) rocking the Pistol Pete Maravich Utah Jazz jersey. Abraham advanced to the second round of today’s Men’s Singles tournament, defeating Tito Lladro (35) in two straight. Unfortunately for Abraham, he ran into a buzzsaw in Tyler Loong (3) losing in two straight (11-7, 11-3.) He may not have defeated Loong,Continue reading “Pistol Pete Pistol Whipped in Pickleball”

Fact or Fiction: 2022 Atlanta Grand Slam

There’s an excitement around this weekend’s Acrytech Atlanta Grand Slam that I haven’t seen in the past couple tournaments. Pros Ben Johns, Anna Leigh Waters, and Leigh Waters all make their return to the court after taking the past few tournaments off. The three pros have had a hot start to the 2022 tour seasonContinue reading “Fact or Fiction: 2022 Atlanta Grand Slam”

3 Ways to Turn Defense Into Offense in Pickleball

Pickleball, like most other sports, involves both offense and defense. On offense, you look to attack and take advantage of your opponents’ weaknesses. On defense, you are looking to defend against the attack in order to set yourself up for best chance to score. Offenses and Defenses must work together for best gameplay. I cameContinue reading “3 Ways to Turn Defense Into Offense in Pickleball”

Gritgate 2022: JOOLA Testing Response

To get caught up with all the paddle news coming out of the US Open Pickleball Championships, take a look at my blog from yesterday: Does Pickleball Have a Paddle Problem? Gritgate 2022 After the controversial testing video surfaced last weekend, where JOOLA pickleball paddles were deemed “not good, you don’t want me to keepContinue reading “Gritgate 2022: JOOLA Testing Response”