3 (Bad?) Habits I Pick Up Playing Wood Floor Pickleball

This is an article you can skip over if you live in the warmer climes of Naples or Scottsdale or Palm Springs, or if you’re a snowbird that skips over the indoor pickleball season we experience in Chicagoland. We’re aren’t jealous. Really, we aren’t. Move along… For those of us in reality, though, keeping upContinue reading “3 (Bad?) Habits I Pick Up Playing Wood Floor Pickleball”

3 More Lessons to Learn from Watching the Pros

I’ve written before about attributing many of the improvements I’ve made in my own game to watching the pro pickleball tour(s). I suppose that makes me a visual learner, but it’s been immensely helpful for me to mimic the moves and strategies of the world’s best. While my overall level is far away from theContinue reading “3 More Lessons to Learn from Watching the Pros”

Where to Watch Pickleball This Weekend

Dink Tank takes a Swiss approach when it comes to picking pickleball tours…we opt to stay out of the fray and enjoy them all. As such, the APP and the PPA have tours for your viewing pleasure, and here are links to both of them: -APP Tour Punta Gorda Open -PPA Tour Ororo Indoor PickleballContinue reading “Where to Watch Pickleball This Weekend”

Casting a Wide Net? Why That Might Be a Problem… MotW Week 8

One thing us northern pickleballers contend with is figuring out how to feed our addiction in the winter months. We’re plenty hearty up here and tend to play longer than we should outdoors. One of the reasons we resist, though, is when we are forced indoors, the playing conditions are usually imperfect. While the warmContinue reading “Casting a Wide Net? Why That Might Be a Problem… MotW Week 8”

3 More Reasons You Aren’t Improving

Well, there could be WAY more than 3 reasons, but I wanted to pick out 3 common reasons I see players not making the strides they want to make in their pickleball games. (If you missed it, check out our initial 3 reasons your skills might be plateauing here): –Patience: simply, a lot of playersContinue reading “3 More Reasons You Aren’t Improving”

Where to Watch the Pros This Weekend

Nothing I’ve done has improved my pickleball game as much as watching the top pros operate. As such, I’m thrilled that the tournament action is starting to pick up again. I find pickleball tourneys ideal for “second screen” viewing over the course of the weekend…though occasionally a particularly juicy match mixed doubles matchups getting onContinue reading “Where to Watch the Pros This Weekend”

MotW- Week 7…The Power of One

It was another week when I only got to play once…but it still beats not playing. I was unable to get to my typical Saturday group game, but Warkittens flew back from warmer locales and wanted to bring back some tricks he’d learned in the sub-tropics to Chicagoland, so we organized a Sunday game. IContinue reading “MotW- Week 7…The Power of One”

3 Reasons I Changed Paddles

When I was first introduced into pickleball, for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why anyone would pay more than $30 for a pickleball paddle. “Glorified ping pong paddles,” I thought, while ignoring that I’d once paid $50 for a ping pong paddle that helped me win some spirited games in high school.Continue reading “3 Reasons I Changed Paddles”