Welcome to the Dink Tank

The Dink Tank was started by three coworkers who enjoyed the beautiful game that is pickleball. With all of us coming from a sports background, we fell in love with the fast growing game and see the need for fun, interesting content around three amateurs as they navigate the pickleball community.

3 Guys Who Dink Different

Who are we?


The brains behind the business, Warkittens brings a wealth of experience in the sports technology world where he has a background in analytics. Well-rounded pickleballer who specializes in the Erne. Watch out for your neck when he’s around.

Big Z

The man who loves pickleball in today’s culture is always scouring the internet for the latest pickleball reference. On the court, Big Z can be found swearing up a storm as he’s a victim of targeting when playing with the big dogs.

Dink Tank Norm

DTN is the most active pickleballer and the most skilled. Look out for all the tips and tricks DTN will be dropping. Watch out for DTN’s vicious two-handed backhand as he’s sure to whip out some of the hardest shots on the court.

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