Dink Tank’s DAWG of the Week – 9/19/22

Got That DAWG In Him is a catchphrase meant to describe a person, usually an athlete, who is mentally tough and able to perform in important situations. With that being said, let’s get to this week’s nominations for Dink Tank’s DAWG of the Week.

Anna Leigh Waters

@dinktanknorm was quick to mention AL Waters as his DAWG of the week, stating Waters proved- again- that she’s the dominant force in pickleball right now with a singles win and a doubles win with another DAWG in Ben Johns. But it’s her doubles win with her mom- rumored to be the age of some of DT’s founders- showed AL pulling her partner up by the scruff of her neck and onto victory.

How long might her dominance last if she’s doing this at age 15?

Riley Newman

When I asked Warkittens for his nomination he simply referred me to the video below. It’s no surprise to me to see Riley Newman on the list. His tenacity on the court, accompanied by his smooth backhand play make him a fierce competitor. This ATP is a thing of beauty and there was no way to defend it. Newman showed his range this week, tracking the ball and hitting a curling backhand while hurling his body into the third row. Easily one of the top plays of the weekend.

JW Johnson

JW was my nomination for DAWG of the week. Heading into the Peachtree classic there was one matchup everyone wanted to see. It was JW Johnson vs Ben Johns in the Men’s Singles championship. It was lining up to give everyone that matchup, but unfortunately Johns was upset by Julian Arnold in the semi-finals. So I decided to give JW gets my nod for DAWG of the week for holding up his end of the bargain. Hopefully we see Johns and Johnson battle it out soon. I have a feeling whoever wins that battle will see their name on the DAWG of the week trophy.

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