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3 Ways I am Looking to Improve with a Lesson

Just like many of you, I spend almost all my time playing games. I don’t really warm up, I don’t drill and I have never had a professional look at my game to help. I watch a lot of pickleball, I play a lot of pickleball but I have never put the time in to actually practice pickleball. Even more so, I have never had anyone teach me how to practice pickleball. I want to take a next step and think I might have a little more fun if I can refine a few skills. 

There are a variety of skills (not limited to the list below) that I would look to improve/enhance through a lesson:

So for my first lesson here is what I am going to ask to improve upon:

As of now, what I am not looking for is help strategically. I feel like I have a strong handle on the game in regards to shot selection, placement and general strategy. That may come down the line after I clean up some of my basic fundamentals. 

Lesson coming up soon and I will report on my experience and some of the drills we are doing to work on the skills.

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