3 Ways I am Looking to Improve with a Lesson

Just like many of you, I spend almost all my time playing games. I don’t really warm up, I don’t drill and I have never had a professional look at my game to help. I watch a lot of pickleball, I play a lot of pickleball but I have never put the time in to actually practice pickleball. Even more so, I have never had anyone teach me how to practice pickleball. I want to take a next step and think I might have a little more fun if I can refine a few skills. 

There are a variety of skills (not limited to the list below) that I would look to improve/enhance through a lesson:

  • Forehead /Backhand Groundstrokes
  • Serve Proficiency 
  • Dinking Placement/Height/Spin
  • Drops Consistency 
  • Transition Play
  • Speed Up Success / Hands Battles

So for my first lesson here is what I am going to ask to improve upon:

  • Inconsistent Baseline Drops – I would say I hit an above average drop, but I still make too many mistakes. My miss is hitting the tape and trying to be too fine with my shot and often feel like I am pushing it vs. swinging the paddle. The hope is there is something mechanically that can bring more consistency to my approach and results. 
  • Transition Zone – This is a developing skill of mine but as you elevate to better and better players you find yourself hitting more shots here as you and your partner move towards the net. Drilling shots here to find yourself reading when to move and when not to move and dropping shots into the kitchen to reach the kitchen line. 
  • Redirect Speed Ups – I find myself getting in speed ups and just blocking the ball straight back at my opponent. I often try to just change the height of the shot to make them a mistake. I want to work with a coach to find a better approach or fundamental to moving the ball both up/down but also right/left to make my opponent make more adjustments and hopefully force them into a poor shot. 

As of now, what I am not looking for is help strategically. I feel like I have a strong handle on the game in regards to shot selection, placement and general strategy. That may come down the line after I clean up some of my basic fundamentals. 

Lesson coming up soon and I will report on my experience and some of the drills we are doing to work on the skills.

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