4 Ways to Beat Bangers

My buddy @dinktanknorm had the facebookers in a tizzy yesterday with his kickass blog 3 Reasons I Love to Play Against Bangers. People came to defend bangers or disparage them based on whatever style of play their used to. One thing I noticed was that the term bangers seems to have a mixed reaction so I thought I should define what a banger is.

A banger isn’t someone who hits a lot of drives. Drives and smashes are a natural part of the game and you should definitely use them to your advantage at the right times. A banger is someone who only hits drives because they can’t hit another shots. They struggle to drop, dink, block, or even place it in the general vicinity of where they want to hit it. I like to think of a banger as that pitcher who can only throw a fastball. Yes, he throws harder than almost everyone, but he also becomes predictable and you can put him in a bad situation with patience and persistence. Here are 4 Ways to Beat Bangers

Drop It Like It’s Hot

  • This is the number one way to beat a banger. Hit drops and do it again. Hitting a drop places to the ball just inside the kitchen, making it difficult for a banger to reach and get the necessary height he needs to bang. By making him hit a drop, you can often set yourself up for a poorly returned popup where then you can hit a put-away.

Don’t Be Afraid to Hit an Overhead

  • Bangers will inevitably hit a pop up, it’s just natural for someone who relies on power. When the opportunity comes, hit an overhead smash right back to them. I’ve found that doing so will leave a banger in a defensive position they can’t get out of, taking away a main attribute of bangers: their aggression.

Block It Out

  • A well placed block can be easy to learn. Use the power from a banger to block their shot and hit a “dead ball” right back into the kitchen area. A good block can imitate a drop or dink and thus inevitably makes the banger reset.

If It’s High, Let It Fly

  • The more you play against bangers, the better recognition skills you will have to leave balls to go out of bounds. This is key for both you and your partner. Take control and communicate with your partner on potential out balls.

I hope you enjoy some more banger content. I know there are some other ways to take advantage of bangers aggression on the court, so if you have some ideas comment away.


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  1. I like your comparison to a pitcher who only throws fastballs. Puts this into perspective! Great information!

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