3 Ways to Enhance Your Pickleball Paddle like a Pro

If you’re here, you’ve joined the millions of us around the world who love the sport of pickleball. Like others, I started off by purchasing a low cost paddle set so that I could play with friends. After fully committing to pickleball, I decided to upgrade to a more expensive paddle. I really like my paddle, but I was always looking at reviews of other paddles, looking at their weights, lengths, and how much power and control each bring to the court. I didn’t quite want to invest in another more expensive paddle, which led me to the topic of modifying your paddle. Take a look at these 3 Ways to Enhance Your Pickleball Paddle like a Pro.


The most common modification to your pickleball paddle is to add an overgrip. Not only is this the most common way to enhance your paddle, but it’s incredibly affordable to do so. A pack of 3 overgrips can be purchased for $6-$7. But why do people overgrip? There are multiple reasons to overgrip. Some of the purposes include:

  • Increasing the handle’s circumference
  • Adding more cushioning for comfort
  • Adding a different texture to your handle
  • Absorbing sweat from your hands


Another common modification you can add to your paddle is the use of lead tape. Adding lead tape is another cheap option to customize your paddle to your specific liking. The majority of pros will add lead tape to the head of their paddle to increase their head speed when swinging through the ball. Some additional benefits of adding lead tape to your paddle include:

  • More power
  • Enlarges your sweet spot
  • Balances your paddle


The last modification I will mention goes hand-in-hand with adding lead tape and it’s adding edge tape. Edge tape is a must if your use lead tape. Edge tape covers your lead tape from being exposed and it also keeps the lead tape from falling off. Some other benefits of edge tape include protecting your edge guard of your paddle, which leads to longer paddle life. You can also use different color edge tape to make your paddle more appealing and custom to you! Electrical tape is a great option for edge tape and is once again another cheap way to customize your paddle to you.

I have done all these modifications on my own paddle so stay tuned as I will review each of these modifications using my own paddle!


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