3 Ways to Turn Defense Into Offense in Pickleball

3 Ways to Turn Defense Into Offense in Pickleball

Pickleball, like most other sports, involves both offense and defense. On offense, you look to attack and take advantage of your opponents’ weaknesses. On defense, you are looking to defend against the attack in order to set yourself up for best chance to score. Offenses and Defenses must work together for best gameplay.

I came across this video on The Dink the other day and I thought it was a great display of both offense and defense. Check out the video below.

From the beginning of the clip, we see that Tyson McGuffin and his partner, Tyle Loong, are on the defense against Riley Newman & Matt Wright. In the sections below, we’ll break it down into 3 Ways to Turn Defense Into Offense in Pickleball

Defend Until You Drop

Newman & Wright have McGuffin & Loong deep as they smash the ball to the baseline. After defending two smashes, McGuffin is able to return with a drop that allow him and Loong to get to the kitchen line. McGuffin handles himself well here, doing his best to return the deep smashes. He’s able to keep the point alive and is eventually able to get to the kitchen as he lands a well-placed drop.

Become a Slinky

After getting to the kitchen line, McGuffin & Loong get caught in a hands battle with Newman & Wright. You notice that Newman & Wright do not move off the kitchen line, while McGuffin & Loong gradually are backing up with each hit. After handling the drives, they are able to re-approach the kitchen. I like to call this the slinky, as they are moving back and fourth to and from the kitchen. Many amateur players stick to the kitchen and hesitant to move away, but as you can see here it’s beneficial to slinky in times.

Land the Lob

McGuffin completely changes the temp here as he lands a well placed lob that gets Newman backpedaling for a slam. While an impressive athletic play by Newman to land the smash, it’s such a quick shot that allows McGuffin to perfectly place a block to where Newman couldn’t get to it. The lob moves the offense into a defensive position, allowing McGuffin to take the offensive and put it where Newman & Wright couldn’t reach.


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