5 Lessons I Learned from Watching Myself Play

5 Lessons I Learned from Watching Myself Play - Cover

We have talked about using video to review your own game at the DinkTank. Some of the consistent things we think we are doing better than we do.

  1. Keep your paddle up
  2. Move your feet
  3. Play easier shots to reduce unforced errors

It is boring advice but it holds consistent for my game and frankly when I watch a lot of other players. Doing these three things will keep you in points and leads to more fun and less frustration. 

Let’s take a look at a recent video clip from some outdoor pickleball action in what has been a terrible spring. Analysis on this play focuses on the player in black shirt and shorts on the far side. Ultimately the point is won but the shot selection and execution could be cleaned up a bit. 

Serve Depth 
Medium pace but doesn’t even make it to the back half of the box. No pressure is put on the opponent. 

3rd Shot Drop
Weak backhand that was played to the middle that was much too high. Consider going cross court and play with less height. 

5th Shot Drop
Good pace and location for fifth shot drop that enabled both players to move to the net. 

Speed Up
Potential to play a slightly softer shot to the opponent but locate more at the feet or even consider resetting back to a diagonal drop. 

Defensive Block
The player kind of looked terrified there…and didn’t have the paddle in a proper position. However, does a decent job of redirecting the ball to keep the point alive (however somewhat lucky).

The opponent then tries to take a ball below the net and hit a winner/speed up instead of a reset. This enables the player in blue to hit a strong shot while his paddle is down and put the point away.

There were a lot of plays here that were not textbook and a lot to learn from as a player. However, an important thing to remember is it helps to just keep points alive and make your opponent hit shots as they are mistake prone as well and you are going to get more opportunities to keep it alive. 

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