5 Signs of a Healthy Pickleball Addiction

5 Signs of a Healthy Pickleball Addiction

You’re hooked. Just admit it. It’s why you’re here.

However- usually admitting addiction is the first sign that you have a problem. That’s not the case with pickleball, though. Admitting you’re an addict just means you’re ready to lean into the game even more, and there’s even more good news as you’re soon to find many like-minded souls populating the nearby courts!

So, this week I’m taking a break from recommendations on how to improve your game and will instead highlight 5 signs of a healthy pickleball addiction…well, I think they’re healthy!


#1- You have 10+ names in your phone that have the last name “pickleball”

One of the great things about pickleball is all the great people we meet. I can think of 10+ people that I now chat regularly with that I would not were it not for pickleball.

One great tradition in pickleball is learning everyone’s name before the start of the game. As we meet other souls that we can tell enjoy the game the same way we do (as in: they want to play all the time), we trade cell numbers and join new chat groups.

What we don’t do (for some reason) is ever learn anyone’s last name. So, my phone’s contact list is saturated with people going by the last name pickleball.

Accurate? Not really. Effective? 100%.

#2- When you get a new paddle, you already have your next paddle in mind for whenever it comes time to upgrade (again)

You aren’t really a pickleball addict unless you already know the paddle(s) you want to try out next. Whether that’s a new company, a new look, or a new model- we all have our eye on some overpriced paddle that figures to only very marginally upgrade our game. But, just the same, we’ll tell everyone that it’s the perfect blend of power and control (and aren’t they all the perfect blend of power and control)?

That doesn’t stop when we get a new paddle- it just means the search starts anew.

#3- When the weather gets nice, your phone buzzes non-stop with text and WhatsApp messages from the numerous pickleball groups you’re a member of as people set up outdoor sessions and game

“Who are you getting all those texts from?” my wife asks.

“Pickleball friends,” I respond.

“You guys have a problem.”

I disagree.

#4- Each month, you check the school schedule for the random off days your kids might have to free up additional mornings where you can sneak in a weekday game

It’s staggering how many days the kids get off. Why don’t we get them off in the real world?!?!

Well, at least take advantage that they’re sleeping in and you don’t have to help them get ready. Instead, get up with the sunrise and get 2 hours of play in before your household wakes up. It’s the benefit of the district celebrating “holidays” like Casmir Pulaski Day.

#5- You check the weekend travel baseball tournament schedule with the hopes of no morning games so you can get an early game in

For some reason, travel baseball tournament schedules are so hard to put together that you never find out when your team is playing over the weekend until, like, Thursday night even though it’s an 8 team bracket. It doesn’t SEEM like rocket science, but there must be some reason they can’t release the schedules so late.

Meanwhile, your pickleball weekend hangs in the balance.

There’s no joy like seeing your Saturday game doesn’t start until noon, meaning you can easily sneak in that 7 AM session that you count on each week. Life is good.

Those are 5 signs in my life, anyway! I’m sure there are plenty more out there…

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