Why We Use Video for a Health Checkup

Why We Use Video for a Health Checkup

While it may seem like a little bit of overkill to take video of your games, it can serve as a good health check on your game from time to time. 

Taking video actually takes a little effort and it doesnt need to be perfect to capture what you want. People may look at you funny, but so what. 

Here’s what you need:

  • A smartphone – we use the latest iPhone 13
  • A tripod ($20 on sale) or a chair – here is a link to the tripod we use or we have sat it on a chair
  • Space – if you have space we either like to put it on the baseline in the middle or at an angle. If you have a newer iPhone you can zoom out a bit and it gives great video.

What are the simple takeaways that helps everyone when they see themselves play:

  • Unforced Errors – the insane amount of mistakes the average player makes. 
  • Footwork – how sloppy we get with our footwork as we get tired

A little more about unforced errors…

  • Return of Serve – far too many points are awarded when players either chunk a return into the net or sail it long
  • Red Lights – Players attacking on balls that are red lights and either hitting it into the net or flinging it out of bounds
  • Targeting – Often players will hit errors when trying to target the weaker player, often happens with a lazy straight away dink when they can hit the right shot cross court and let the play come to them
  • Put Away – Ball gets up, player gets excited and drills it right into the net

Also the fun thing is how slow we look…we all think we are playing so fast but it gives you a bit of perspective that you can take your time and slow the game down to make sure you get back in points.

Another added benefit is there are always one or two plays you can quickly find and share with the group for some post-game banter. We love finding Ernes, ATPs and just some silly errors people make. Finding plays with players making great defensive plays to keep the point alive are also some of our favorites.

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