Monday Recap: Last Week at DinkTank

Week In Review (4/4-4/10)Week In Review (4/4-4/10)

In case Master’s fever caused you to overlook all the great writing at DinkTank last week, here’s a recap of what you missed:

DinkTankNorm gave us 2 more reminders of mistakes many players make at the net, this time from an approach perspective.

-Despite holding out and ruining his running shoes, BigZ finally caved and got shoes specific for pickleball. Click here to read why he made the switch and why he thinks you should, too.

Warkittens never had a weapon of backhand, but he decided to commit to learning a 2-handed one and it immediately paid dividends in his game. Read the 5 ways it impacted his game.

Check back soon for more content this week that’ll keep you dinking different…

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