Key to Victory: PPA Men’s Doubles Semi-Finals

Not to overstate the obvious – but hit more winners and make fewer errors. It is a simple formula really but we like to use numbers to capture the performances on the court.

Dink Tank broke down the men’s doubles semi-finals matches.

  • Newman/Wright 2 games vs. Koller/Wilson 1 game
  • Johns/Johns 2 games vs. Smith/Cassidy 0 games

The ratio that tends to show the performance is winners to unforced errors.

I know what you are thinking – thanks captain obvious – the team that scores more points wins the game.

What we really want to take away is how to limit mistakes. We see it all the time in our own games and make some super common mistakes that can be frustrating:

  • Sloppy drop shot into the net
  • Lazy dink into the net
  • Trying to speed up a ball that is a red light or yellow light

This play is a great illustration. How many great shots do Matt Wright and Riley Newman play? To have all that work be undone by the easiest shot he faced all point.

The pros that win matches and advance simply limit their errors, play a defensive shot until the time comes to attack.

This point shows it all. I count the ball being played approximately 31 times.

  • Getting Into the Point: 5 shots
  • Dink Battle: 16 shots
  • Speed Up: 1 shot
  • Defense: 1 shot
  • Dink Battle: 3 shots
  • Speed Up: 6 shots

Next time you go out – try to eliminate 5 or silly mistakes/decisions that can make the difference in winning and losing.

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