Building Bridges – MotW Week 10

I only really got out once this week (not counting some drilling/skinny with my 13 year old), but it was one of the more unique games I’ll have all year.

I recently started a new job, and we had meetings last week in the warm weather of the desert. Pickleballers have a way of finding each other, and we arranged an evening game.

The weather was glorious- especially having only played indoors this year- and it felt good to run around in the open air…and remember what even a breath of wind can do to a plastic ball!

What was more fun, though, was the diversity of the crowd that pickleball had brought together. We had an accomplished author, 2 players from the Caribbean, someone over 60, and someone under 30 all mixing it up and enjoying our great game.

Like a cozy neighborhood pub with Guinness on tap, the best part about pickleball is how it draws people together and builds relationships, and it’s not a bad workout in the process!

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