Pickle-lytics: Winners vs. Unforced Errors

The Ororo PPA Indoor National Championships took place this past weekend. We took a deeper dive into the men’s doubles semi-finals of Wright/Newman vs. Wilson/Koller. 

Wilson/Koller advanced to the finals in three games (11-7, 2-11, 12-10).

Unforced Errors & Winners

This will be a common Dink Tank theme as we try to evaluate the professionals’ aggressive-yet-opportunistic approach.

Here’s how we define a couple of the metrics we’re tracking:

  • Unforced Errors – A player could have reasonably played a shot without much stress and hit a ball into the net or out
  • Winners – A player won the rally with their shot (different than tennis definition)

The ratio of winners per error (winners divided by errors) provides an efficiency metric to show a players effectiveness. 

(In the Arizona final – Ben Johns hit 3 winners per error. That is currently the gold standard in risk/reward.)

Riley/Newman – Winners per Error

Game three of this epic duel was the match to watch, but you should look no further to see where Wright/Newman provided the gift to their opponents. Game one, they played relatively close while having an extremely high winners per error rate, indicating they gave away a lot of points rather than making their opponent earn them. 

Dink Tank: The More the Know

As your weekend warrior or your above average competitor it is interesting to note how your game compares. Next time you step onto the surface keep a mental note. How often are we scoring points? How frequently are we experiencing unforced errors? 

We have charted 6 PPA games over the past two weekends. Johns/Johns vs. Wright and Newman in Arizona and Wright/Newman vs. Koller/Wilson in Minnesota.

Highlights & Points

Down 10-6 and on the brink of defeat. Koller and Wilson put an impeccable defense together. Defense, Defense, Reset, Winner:

This is the best of Matt Wright. He plays extremely aggressively and finds the right plays to find a putaway:

Because we love Ernes (and really who shouldn’t?):

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