Foot Solutions Grand Slam – By the Numbers (Part Deux)

From February 16th to the 20th the Foot Solutions Arizona Grand Slam was held. Ben Johns went on to win the triple crown of mixed doubles, singles and doubles. Here at the Dink Tank we took a deeper by the numbers dive into the men’s final between Ben & Collin Johns and Matt Wright & Riley Newman.

This is part two of our breakdown. If you missed part one – check it out here.

Unforced Errors & Winners

There is an element of risk/reward in pickleball. How do you push the envelope and take advantage of plus situations while not making too many unforced errors to put your team behind the 8-ball. Here we look at the extremes – one cautious and one aggressive player.

Collin Johns

Collin plays a role – don’t make mistakes, keep points alive until Ben Johns can find an opening. Throughout the match Collin performed magically, handling the repeated attacks from Newman and Wright. While playing on the defense he only played 12 winners, 8 less than the next best player and 19 less than his partner Ben.

Matt Wright

If you have ever seen Matt Wright play you know his style. Extremely aggressive. Drives, Speed Ups and Ernes. This aggressive style leads to a high number of winners, 2nd most in the match. This also led to a substantial number more of unforced errors.

Early in the match with Newman/Wright up 5-1 with Johns serving. Wright plays the point beautifully with taking the chance to Erne a winner.

Just a few points later you get the feast or famine approach. A really strong point by both teams where Riley and Wright play phenomenal defense, warding off many overheads. Eventually, Wright feels like he can attack a ball that he could potentially drop and reset the point. His drive clips the net and pops out of bounds leading to a loss of serve to Wright and over to Newman for 5-1-2.

As you dig back into your game – evaluate the risk reward and take a chance. Find a balance of red light / yellow light / green light.

  • Red Light – low ball / automatic drop or dink
  • Yellow Light – likely dink or hit at body of opponent
  • Green Light – attack / drive / hit winners

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