Regular Joes – Video Breakdown

It is very clear – I am not Ben Johns, nor are the people I find in myself playing against. That doesn’t mean the game isn’t fun or there isn’t a reason to try to get better. 

In a recent Saturday game – DinkTankNorm recorded some footage. I watched some of the footage at two times the speed to make them seem better than they were and then pulled out some clips at normal speed to break down.

I am normally someone that struggles giving compliments, so I used this as an opportunity to highlight some good play by a few but with some constructive criticism. 

We apologize for the quality of the video and play in advance. 

Speeding the Game Up

As you will see in the clip below, sometimes the Saturday game isn’t the most crisp but the players are trying to play with proper strategy. There is some good cross court dinking and a few balls probably played too deep into the kitchen. About 12 seconds into the clip DinkTankNorm (in Blue) is able to take a ball played a little too deep into the kitchen and speed up play by taking it out of the air. He puts pressure on his opponents who serve him up with a great opportunity. He hits a subpar shot for his “winner” but still gets the point as he created advantage for his team.

Take it Out of the Air – If you can take the ball out of the air in the kitchen, do it. Practice it both in warm ups and put it into play.

Opportunistically Speed up the Game – If you can speed up the game and go down the middle or at a backhand take advantage of the situation, it can easily put your opponent on their heels. 

Patience is a Virtue

DinkTankNorm (in blue) again hits the winner by speeding up play. Overly solid play here with some dinking and patience. DinkTankNorm got a green light ball and hit a drive, probably a little high but with enough pace and close enough to the body that his opponent had no choice but to put a paddle on it. 

What we would have liked to see different:

Erne – While you will find few people more pro Erne than me, Green shirt goes too early and on a ball that didn’t put enough stress on the opponent. DinkTankNorm does a good job shrinking the court closing down the middle. 

Taking out of Air – Just like the last clip. Big strong man in red shorts had about 2 or 3 opportunities to go on offense and play the ball in the air, he let the ball bounce and played defense. When presented with the opportunity, take the fight to them. 

Finishing Drive – Hindsight is 20/20 but it would have been preferred to drive the ball at backhand or at forehand hip level and get into their body. 

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