MotW- Week 6

This was my first week of the year only getting in one session, which I’m proud of given Chicago winters and a longer layoff last winter.

While there was nothing terrific of not from the play of 4 regulars from my group, this was the first time I’d recorded the action. While the angle wasn’t great (and the banter made me mute it on re-watch), I was shocked about how much I learned by watching myself play. For as much as we think we know our own games, viewing it from a different perspective gave me a lot of valuable feedback that I’ll use in the sessions ahead.

Case in point- I’ve always had a pretty powerful serve, and though I get fewer aces than I once did (with a combination of improved opponents and seeking out better competition), it’s remained a pretty good weapon for me as it’s a shot I have pretty good control over. A few months ago, I started playing around with taking some pace off of it but adding some more top-spin. I found it effective initially, but I noticed in watching video that I’ve taken it too far. My serve is lacking in pop and it’s often landing pretty short, making a pretty easy serve for my opponent to deal with even if there is a lot of spin on it. While I don’t expect to start hitting a bunch of aces, I do think a more powerful (and deeper) serve can lead to more soft returns that I (or my partner) might be able to step into for solid 3rd shot drives.

There were numerous other nuggets I noticed as well, but overall, it’s a great reminder of how helpful a tool video can be. I don’t expect to record every match, but a periodic check-in is something I’ll be conscious to use the rest of the year to make sure I’m not developing any bad habits that I’m not noticing.

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