Pickleball in Culture: Vanderpump Rules

Let me start by saying I do not watch Vanderpump Rules on my own. I am coerced into watching my lady friend now that we live together. I know there are many others in a similar situation. But what caught my eye one day while watching was that they were playing pickleball! Now you have my interest. I proceeded to flood my lady friend with questions on how often do they play pickleball, who is good, who is not, etc. She made it very clear to me that pickleball is the most minor blip when it comes to the show as a whole, but I like to think of it as a pickleball show to justify me watching. 

Lala Kent Pickleball
Lala Kent Appreciation Photo

This week on social media I saw Vanderpump Rules personality, Randall Emmett, was in the news because he’s working on a Pickleball Documentary. This piqued my interest. Randall is a well-known Hollywood producer known for films such as The Irishman, Lone Survivor, & Amityville Horror. Now I’ve watched about 10 episodes of Vanderpump Rules across however many seasons they have. Randall plays the mysterious role of my girl Lala Kent’s married boyfriend and eventually baby daddy. As a Lala fan, I love that they have their own pickleball court at their house and that she even forces her friends to play with her from time to time. I think I recall her Pickling (11-0) Raquel in one episode. 

After further research into Randall and Lala’s pickleball history, turns out they have their own Franklin Pickleball paddle. As a self-sponsored Franklin athlete, this swayed me to like the Vanderpump couple even more. While I don’t have the “Give them Lala…with Randall” paddle, I’d be interested in knowing just how much the Vanderpump couple may have swayed Bravo watchers into trying the sport out?

Vanderpump Rules Pickleball Paddle

I’ll continue to look out for Pickleball in the show and always love to see Pickleball in culture today. 

– Big Z

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