Match of the Week – Week 3

The best pickleballer I referenced before is no longer the best pickleballer I know. 

The aforementioned player looped us into a game with 2 other better pickleball players from the greater Chicago area. It was a bit of a haul for both of them for a 7 AM rec game on a Sunday, but it made for a really fun foursome. One player reminded me of pickleball’s answer to John Salley- reaching and Erne’ing everything- while the other was athletic, skilled, and just incredibly solid. It was a reminder of how good players can be outside of my bubble and how good it is for my own improvement to challenge myself with new opponents from time to time.

I was pretty sloppy early on (maybe of combination of nerves with new/better opponents and last night’s bourbon) but I found my stride and played solid after the first 2 games. I even Erne’d the Erne monster, so that felt good to get him on an area where he was really good. It was fun to have long, backhand dink rallies, mixing of drives and dinks, and speed-ups during dink rallies. 

It’s funny- when I started playing pickleball, I was a banger and I had to learn to drop and play the soft game. When I play against higher level players, I realize that I need to be able to drive the ball, and I’ve probably gotten TOO far away from that with the group I usually play with as I hit the net on too many of my forehand drives yesterday especially.


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