Match of the Week – Week 1

The first session of the year was a big one for me as I’d lost a couple of late-season dates due to a positive Covid result. I’d recovered in time to sneak in a NYE morning session with the Saturday crew (complete with Bloody Marys to celebrate a long year), and it was good to ring in 2022 with a solid foursome on January 2nd.

4 person sessions are always so efficient with no waiting around and moving one game to the next. This was a solid crew and we played at a brisk pace with plenty of fun cross-court dinking and strategic play. I was more crisp in my play than I expected given my layoff (and being new to the wood court/soft ball, I’m still finding my footing on this indoor court) and won all 3 rotations. My personal highlights were some surprisingly good speed-ups in some dink rallies, 3 ATPs, and most importantly- a backhand Erne for a winner.


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